Phyllis Davies works with textiles, paint, pastel and watercolour. She attended the Glasgow School of Art and at present lives in Leamington Spa in Warwickshire.

When starting a piece of work she usually takes a figurative approach to her subject which she then develops. Exploring and improvising she uses sketches, photographs and digital media until she feels she has captured her idea, although it is with drawing that she always begins. Indeed drawing is at the heart of her work.

Her wall hangings are an important part of her output - they feed off the paintings and in turn the paintings feed off them. The way the materials are used is an essential part of her work as the texture and the richness of surface is significant in both the hangings and the paintings. This allows the joy of looking at the whole and then at the part, the vitality of the work being as much in the detail as in the larger gesture.

Teaching has always been an important part of her career and the teaching pageĀ  features aspects of this work including some of her adult students' paintings.

Phyllis sells her work widely and also enjoys liaising with clients on commissions.

She is very happy to discuss requirements based on her current mode of work.

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