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If clients are interested in my work but want something specific, maybe for a particular space or room, or perhaps along the lines of previous subject matter then I am very happy to work with them to achieve an outcome that will suit their requirements.

This usually means that after an initial discussion about the area of my work they are interested in and the overall feel of the piece that they are after - whether bright and colourful, muted and subtle, or somewhere in between - I give them a few options which I can then manipulate - eventually coming up with something that suits.

Glimpses of Leamington in the Snow

I had previously produced some watercolours of Clarendon Square and decided to use these as the first step towards a design.

leamington painting 2
leamington painting 3
leamington painting

I then started to paint and collage some ideas

leamington hanging sketch beginning
leamington hanging sketch 2
leamington hanging sketch 1

until I came up with a design which could be used as a starting point.

The finished hanging is in the gallery section of the website

For the 'Mooring Poles' wall-hanging (which is featured in the Commissions section in Galleries)  I did a number of options which included two smaller hangings as well as some colour variations. There was also a thought that we might like to work from a garden theme.

jans hanging split option
Garden Possibilty
Garden Possibilty

For 'By the Side of the Canal' there were different colour options - two of which I have included below.

julie poss 4
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